Terms and conditions

When buying goods in an online shop artsowood.lv, a Distance Contract is concluded (comes into force) between you and the Seller, so please consult the Terms and Conditions governing the business relationship. By purchasing good on the web site you agree to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms of the Distance Contract, you can make an order without payment and contact us for an individual agreement.

1. Terms used in the Agreement

Advance invoice – a document drawn up by the Seller and sent to the Buyer’s e-mail confirming the order before payment is made.
Buyer –natural or legal person (a person acting in its name or on its behalf) who acquires goods by way of an Order or a Purchase.
Client – Registered User who has provided user’s information to the Seller by filling in the online shop registration form.
Distance Contract – a contract concluded between the Seller and the Buyer for the purchase of goods in the online shop determining the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties.
Goods – products offered for purchase.
Online store or shop – website artsowood.lv operated by the Seller.
Order – an order for goods or services provided in online shop containing all the goods the Buyer wishes to purchase from the Seller which are listed in a single order and, on the basis of which, the Seller sends the Advance invoice and/or confirmation to the Buyer.
Personalized item – a catalogue item tailored according to the specifications of the Buyer, e.g., adding a monogram, a name or a special text or design or making a bespoke item not listed in the catalogue.
Purchase – a paid Order listing all the goods the Buyer wishes to purchase from the Seller and specified in a single order.
The Seller – Arturs Soliženko. Address, Juglas 45, Riga LV-1024, Latvia, e-mail: Info@artsowood.lv, Phone: (+ 371) 26686608.
Return form – a form used to return Goods back to the Seller. Return form has to be filled in by the Buyer and submitted to the Seller.

2. Distance Contract

2.1. The Distance Contract is concluded (comes into force) when the Buyer makes the Purchase (pays) for Goods in the online shop or when payment for the Order is credited to the Seller’s bank account in accordance with the Advance invoice.
2.2. When purchasing from shop, the Buyer agrees with the current version of the Distance Contract and the Terms and Conditions at the time of ordering Goods, therefore the Buyer shall familiarise with the provisions of the Distance Contract when the Order is placed. The Seller is entitled to unilaterally modify, update and supplement the terms of the Distance Contract.

3. Registration

3.1. The Buyer can make a Purchase in the shop with or without registration.
3.2. The Seller processes the Buyer’s personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. Please read it carefully and make sure that the Privacy Policy provisions are understandable and acceptable.
3.3. The Buyer is responsible for ensuring that all the data provided are true and complete.
3.4. The Seller is not responsible for any damage or loss if the Buyer had provided incorrect or incomplete data – name, surname, delivery address, etc., as well, if the Order confirmation or the Advance invoice is not received to the e-mail address provided, because, for example, of the Buyer’s e-mail filters.
3.5. Registration is possible when processing the payment or at login.
3.6. When registering the registration form to be filled in, providing: user name, e-mail address, billing address and delivery address. Individual username and password have to be defined. The information provided during the registration is stored and used for subsequent purchases.
3.7. When the Client’s data change, the Client is responsible for updating them before making the Purchase or Order.
3.8. If the Client loses or forgets his/her access data (username/password), it is possible to request the renewal of the password using ‘Renew password’ option.
3.9. The Client is responsible for safe storing his/her access information (username, password) as well as for any action taken in the online shop when logged-in.
3.10. The Client can modify his/her data at any time.
3.11. Non-registered Byer has to re-enter personal information for each purchase.

4. Prices

4.1. are shown in EUR, including TVA. Delivery costs are not included in the price of the Goods.
4.2. The Seller is entitled to change the Prices without prior notice. When the Price changes, the Goods are sold to the Buyer at the price in force at the moment when the Purchase is processed or the Order is made.
4.3. The Prices of personalized Goods are not shown in the catalogue and have to be agreed with the Seller on a case-by-case basis.

5. Execution of the Order and the Purchase, payments and timing

5.1. When ordering Goods, the Buyer chooses items from the Catalogue and adds them to the shopping cart.
5.2. Section ‘Cart’ allows to preview the selected Goods, change their quantity, remove certain Goods, use discount coupon, choose the type of delivery, change the delivery address.
5.3. When all the chosen Goods had been added to the shopping cart, payment of Goods can be made.
5.4. The Buyer pays for Goods in the form of a prepayment by bank transfer in accordance with the Seller’s electronically sent Advance invoice, a credit card (VISA, MASTER) or PayPal payment system, or in cash when picking up the Goods at the Seller’s place.
5.5. Advance Invoice shall be paid within 3 (three) working days after receiving the Advance Invoice. Order or Advance Invoice number indication in bank communication is mandatory.
5.6. Orders

5.6.1. When an Order is placed, no payment is processed in advance. A confirmation e-mail about the Order is sent to the Buyer and the Goods are reserved for 3 working days at the specified price on the day of ordering.
5.6.2. The Seller communicates to Buyer by e-mail within 1 (one) working day, specifies and agrees on the services required, e.g., personalization or customization, following the customer’s preferences, such as delivery, forms of payment and any other specific details.
5.6.3. Once the agreement is reached, the Seller sends to the Buyer the Advance invoice: name of Goods, quantity, unit price, delivery costs, total amount, total amount of payment, details of the Buyer and the Seller, bank account number of the Seller for the payment.
5.6.4. When payment is received, the Seller sends the Goods to the Buyer.
5.6.5. If the Goods are picked up at the Seller’s place, payment can be made in cash when receptioning the Goods.
5.6.6. Orders may also be placed by telephone (+ 371) 22357336 or WhatsApp application on working days from 8:30 to 17:00. The provisions of the Distance Contract shall apply, as far as possible.

5.7. Purchases

5.7.1. Purchases can be made by both unregistered and registered users:
5.7.2. Under ‘Process the Purchase’, it is possible to change the delivery address, choose the type of delivery, provide specific instructions, e.g.  delivery details.
5.7.3. Once the payment is confirmed by the system, a confirmation of the Purchase is sent to the Buyer by e-mail.

6. Delivery of Goods

6.1. The Buyer pays a postal fee for the delivery of the Goods.
6.2. Delivery is provided by:

6.2.1. “Omniva” pack-box system, M size, to Latvia (EUR 3.88); Estonia and Lithuania (both EUR 7,88).
6.2.2. “Omniva” courier, M size, to Latvia (EUR 9.98); Estonia and Lithuania (both EUR 9,49).
6.2.3. If the size of the consignment does not fall within the M size parameters, the Seller is entitled to charge an additional fee for the increased delivery costs. Where a supplement is required, the Seller will send the Buyer an Advance invoice and, upon receipt of the additional payment, will send the Goods.
6.2.4. The Goods may be received free of forwarding costs (if picked up by the Buyer) at the place indicated by the Seller, after having agreed with the Seller on the time of receipt of the Goods.
6.2.5. Latvian Post, in accordance with Latvian Post pricelist. Price of delivery is show in “Cart”.

6.3. In the event of a delivery delay due to unforeseeable circumstances beyond the Seller’s control, the Seller will contact the Buyer to arrange for the delivery.
6.4. Receipt of the Goods shall be confirmed:

6.4.1. When delivered by a courier – by signature of the Buyer at the electronic terminal of the courier/issuer or the courier’s delivery note. If packaging defects are detected at the time of delivery, the Buyer must check with the courier the contents of the Purchase and, in the event of defects, ask the courier to draw up a report. The Buyer is entitled to return the damaged consignment to the courier or to keep it if the damage is minor.
6.4.2. When picking up the consignment from the pack-box – by introduction of the Buyer’s password to open pack-box. If packaging defects are detected, the Buyer must immediately make a claim by filling in the form on the “Omniva” website and contact the Seller.
6.4.3. When picking up the consignment for self-reception, the Buyer shall present the Order or Advance Invoice (or electronic copy/image of it). The Buyer receives a copy of the receipt of the cash payment. The original receipt stays with the Seller and acknowledges the receipt of the Goods.

6.5. The Buyer is obliged to check the quantity, quality and completeness of the Goods within 5 (five) working days of the receipt of the Purchase. If the Buyer detects any defects, a photograph(s) of clearly visible damage to be sent as well as a description of the problem using contact form no later than 5 (five) working days from the reception of the Goods. The Seller will contact the Buyer within 3 (three) working days to resolve the situation. If the Buyer does not submit a claim to the Seller within the prescribed time-limit, the packaging of the Goods is presumed to be in a proper condition, and the quantity, quality, assortment, accessories and completeness of the Goods to comply with the Terms of the Contract and with the description of the Goods in the online shop.
6.6. If delivery of the Goods is not possible due to fault of the Buyer or circumstances beyond the Seller’s control (e.g., the Buyer has indicated an incorrect delivery address, the Buyer or a person authorized by the Buyer is not present at the indicated address, it is not possible to contact the Buyer within the specified time limit, the address cannot be accessed, etc.) and the courier returns the consignment, the payment for the Goods and the cost of delivery are not refunded. The Goods can be re-dispatched if the Buyer covers the cost of the repeated delivery. The Buyer is responsible for adjusting and providing valid delivery details.

7. Right to exchange and to return Goods

7.1. The Buyer can not return personalized or customized Goods which had been manufactured according to the Buyer’s specifications.
7.2. The Buyer may return or require to exchange the Goods within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of receipt of the Goods, sending them back by the post to the Seller in the same packaging as the Goods were received.
7.3. The Buyer must complete the return form and send it to the Seller.
7.4. The Seller shall reimburse the price of the Goods to the bank account indicated by the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) calendar days upon the reception of the Goods. If the Buyer has paid for the Goods in cash, the Seller shall reimburse the Buyer in cash, unless the Buyer has indicated in the return form repayment to a bank account.
7.5. The Buyer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the Goods during the period for exercising exchange or return. The Buyer is liable for any decrease in the value of the Good if it had been used in a manner incompatible with the principle of good faith, including misuse or inappropriate use.
7.6. The Seller is entitled to deduct the loss in value of the Goods from the amount of the refund.
7.7. The Seller has the right not to accept the Goods and to refuse the Buyer his/her right of return, as well as not to refund the money paid by the Buyer for the Goods in the cases specified in Paragraph 22 of Cabinet Regulation No 255 of 20 May 2014.
7.8. The Goods must be undamaged and not used.
7.9. When returning or changing good quality Goods delivered according to the placed order, the delivery fees will not be refunded to the Buyer.

8. Quality of the Goods

8.1. Images of Goods in the shop are examples for informative purposes. The shape, colour, size and other characteristics of the Goods in the Catalogue may differ due to the nature of their production – each item is handcrafted individually.
8.2. The colour of the Goods in the photographs may be different from the actual colour of the product due to distortion of colour reproduction on different monitors, camera settings and other displaying factors.

9. Goods not complying with the Contract

The Buyer shall submit an application for the Good not complying with the Terms of the Contract, as well as the non-compliant Good itself, to the Seller in a free form, indicating Buyer’s name and contact details, as well as a description of non-conformity. Transaction details, photos, as well as other supporting documents (if applicable) to be attached. The customer must send the application to the Seller by e-mail to info@artsowood.lv. The application will be examined in accordance with the procedure and within the time limits laid down in the Consumer Rights Protection Law.

10. Information exchange

The Buyer contacts the Seller and sends all questions via the means of communication and the addresses indicated in the Contact section of the online shop.

11. Resolving disputes

Consumer disputes are settled out-of-court by the Consumer Rights Protection Centre (address: Brīvības iela 55, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010).

12. Final provisions

12.1. Regulations and relations between the parties under these Terms and Conditions are subject to the laws of the Republic of Latvia and they have to be interpreted on the basis of the laws of the Republic of Latvia.
12.2. Disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions,, their violation, termination or validity shall be definitively settled in accordance with the procedures laid down in Latvian legislation.
12.3. Terms and Conditions of online shop artsowood.lv apply from 1 December 2021.

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