Handcrafted toys for kids, wooden decors and customized interior items for home and office

We like trees. Looking at them makes us feel happier, less stressed and more creative. Trees are like us, each of them is an unique individual. Wood fibre pattern is like human fingerprints, the substances absorbed from soil determine the colour of the timber, it is as diverse as colour of human skin. Even cut and sawn wood keeps individuality of the tree, its smell and pattern. There are no two identical trees in the forest and there are no two identical items in our shop. They are handmade individually for you, they are unique, real treasure of the nature.

Toy story and beyond

Everything started when our first child was born. I wanted toys that are safe and durable, ecological and made from renewable resources. Toys which contribute to my child’s thinking and make creating her own games and her own rules, to inspire her creativity and allow her to go beyond. Puppet house was the first one, wooden train with logs, blocks and wagons followed. So we came up with our team: my wife is inspiring me, our daughter brings new ideas and our son tests every new thing. Our toys do not have small parts that can be accidentally swallowed, there are no sound effects and flashing lights, pieces are weighty and their pleasant roughness helps to handle them. Wooden toys can serve for a long time, and, once the childhood is over, they will fit well on our fireplace mantle among photos and souvenirs.


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