Latvian folk sign Zalktis (Grass snake)

9mm birch plywood. Oak base, linseed oil coating.
Can be glued to the wall or left on the base (double-sided adhesive tape is not included).


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ZALKTIS is, in essence, a sign of constantly changing and flowing movements, wisdom and expressions of sharp mind, life energy and the attraction of new information. Its structure emphasizes the cooperation of two complementary forces or processes – life and ingenuity, where life itself pulsates. This sign has energy poles that constantly determine each other, charging and being in a dynamic change of harmonic relationship. It symbolizes the pulsation of sexual energy, its cyclic state change between passivity and activity. This is a demonstration of the chain of cause and consequence, to which the material and spiritual world interactions are bound to. In traditional culture, the grass snake symbolizes good fortune, well-being and insight.

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Dimensions 14 × 0.9 × 8 cm